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When you walk through the historic district in downtown Henderson, you can feel the change in the air. New businesses are popping up throughout, and established ones are being revitalized. Among these businesses is Gear and Beer, a store that sells outdoor gear and local craft beer. Gear and Beer was founded in September of 2021 by Carol Terwilliger. Terwilliger relocated to Henderson from Raleigh after working in design and web development for 28 years before deciding she wanted to get closer to her roots. "I grew up in the mountains of Virginia and was an avid backpacker, zero-impact camper, and always thought I would have an outdoor store. I was thinking about easing into retirement and going back to that original dream," she said. Rather than moving back to the mountains, Carol decided to settle in Henderson, where she could still be near friends and other conveniences including living just an hour from Raleigh.

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