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Wanna get in on the first order of Stanley products?

Gear & Beer is now an Official Stanley Dealer! I am putting together an order for Christmas merchandise. Check out I will give you guys a 15% discount on this first order if you let me know what you want before October 15th.

Here is a list the items I have picked. Send your order to for pickup in store to get 15% off.

The Full Kitchen Base Camp Cook Set (Photos below)

10-02479 • Stainless Steel • 965

The Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask


Sizes: 8OZ / .23L


The Bowl + Spork Compact Cook Set


Sizes: 24OZ / .7L

The Cool-Grip Camp Percolator


Sizes: 1.1QT / 1.0

The Legendary Food Jar + Spork


Sizes: 14OZ / .4L

The Pre-Party Shot Glass + Flask Set


Sizes: Set of 4-2OZ/59mL + 8OZ / .23L

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