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Now it's time for google SEO work: A Beer & Gear Update

When you start a new website the best thing you can do is post early and often...with a good description of what it is you do here (and alternate spellings of how people might search for you)

Gear & Beer (or) Gear and Beer NC will be located in downtown Henderson, NC on Garnett Street. Carol Terwilliger is in the process of negotiating on two buildings. One is basically a rebuild where as the other should be less of a project.

Gear&BeerNC has already started ordering furniture and inventory. This business is ready and waiting for the right combination of factors. Gear&Beer will be selling: Ice chest coolers, dry bags, towels, t-shirts, bug repellent, hats, walking sticks, sun glasses, rain ponchos, kayaks, stickers, travel packing organizers, hammocks, ice packs, pocket knives, solar lights, travel mugs, soda and of course BEER.

Gear and Beer Kerr Lake is the main title and location. If this actually works I am going to take my show on the road.

Beer & Gear NC, Gear&Beer, Gear & Beer, Gear & Beer NC, Gear and Bear Kerr lake are just a few of the ways people may look for me. You will find it spelled different ways throughout my upcoming blog posts to help with SEO. It's a dumb game, but ya gotta play it.

Here's what the first round of price tags are going to look like:

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