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Gear & Beer - There is a fee for that.

It was a busy week, but not one with a ton of fun pictures. I went to The City of Henderson to pay an exorbitant fee to have the Gear & Beer water turned on. I was informed that I had to have my business permit before I could get water WHAT?! I had just been to the bank to have several pages of my ABC beer application notarized to submit to the state. I also had a copy of my lease and the city zoning paper work with me. Luckily, Tracy Madigan of the Downtown Development Commission had introduced me to several people at "The City" and they were both kind enough to see me without an appointment. They took my giant pile of paperwork and $100 to start the permit process.

Next stop, the sheriff's office. I got finger printed. $10 for that plus another $38 to file it with The City... you see where I am going right? There is a fee for EVERYTHING.

To round off the week, I was bidding on coolers and freezers at an auction. My rivals were far better funded and outbid me by hundreds. I did manage to get some nice slimline trash cans, pint glasses and bucket beer chillers (think champaign bucket).

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